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How to Build Blog Authority

Wanna know how to build blog authority? Easy… DON’T REGURGITATE HALF DIGESTED CRAP IN A HALF INFORMED WAY. But that’s obvious! Well it seems pretty obvious, but apparently, judging by the amount of crap circulating the web, the blogs, heck even the supposedly “legitimate” news sources, apparently it’s not nearly as obvious as one would [...]

HOT TOPICS: Blog it while it’s hot!

What’s the hot topic? What’s new? What’s everyone talking about? You can easily barge into even personal conversations with these questions.

List titles carefully for an effective blog layout

When laying out your blog, you want to list titles carefully not only so your visitors can read the current post, but so they can also easily find your other posts.

Blog Images 101: When, Where, How to Use Images for your Blog

Remember when you were young how you would want to see the illustrations before reading the story? OK who are you kidding? You still do that! We all do. Blog images support content and create a better understanding of your message. It’s best to include plenty of images in your blog posts but when, where, and how?

Getting Repeat Traffic is the Key to Success – HowTo Get Repeat Traffic

Traffic is the key-element for a blog, and the key to traffic over the long term is your repeat traffic. Be sure to make your blog interesting, unique, and compelling to bring back your readers again and again.

Blogging Tricks to Boost Traffic

Every once a while you might want to rustle things up on your blog. You might find that breaking out of your blogging routine can revive your own enthusiasm and boost traffic at the same time. Here’s a list of some fun tricks commonly used by bloggers.

A Request from Twitter: Help @zjh90 get his blog noticed.

@zjh90 asks via Twitter: What are some great ways to really get my blog out there and noticed? I offered to put this one out for discussion, so how about it everyone? Let’s get some suggestions and start a discussion. First, zjh, tell us a little about your blog. What is it about? How long [...]

Who Are You Talking To? (Getting To Know Your Target Audience)

Understanding your target audience better helps you generate more relevant content. Here are some ways to help you understand your target audience better.

Blogging 101 – The basic stuff you have to do

If you have a new blog you probably have posts but you don’t have many readers yet. These basics will help your blog connect with regular readers.