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Three Essential WordPress SEO Tips

SEO isn’t something you want to ignore. It seems like a small thing on paper, but it’s these small things that are going to put you ahead of your competition.

How Often and When to Post

While you may have thought about what to post on your blog, have you ever thought about when to post? Your first instinct is probably to just post when it’s convenient to you, but should also consider your target audience. You want to be able to reach out to them at the best time and in the best manner. There are several factors that may influence when you should post.

Welcome to the Blogging Meta Blog

What is a blogging meta blog?  Simple!  It’s a blog about blogging. We know, we know… the world is full of blogs about blogging… and it will be a little while before this one is really able to fully differentiate itself.  But right away you’ll start to notice the main difference… Monetization Our focus is [...]

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