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Don’t be Annoying | annoying blog

Do you come across as are you annoying to your readers? While you may not be able to appeal to every reader’s idea of an ideal writer / speaker, you can at least minimize the things that most people consider to be annoying. Here are a couple things that seem annoying to most people.

Blogging Tricks to Boost Traffic

Every once a while you might want to rustle things up on your blog. You might find that breaking out of your blogging routine can revive your own enthusiasm and boost traffic at the same time. Here’s a list of some fun tricks commonly used by bloggers.

A Request from Twitter: Help @zjh90 get his blog noticed.

@zjh90 asks via Twitter: What are some great ways to really get my blog out there and noticed? I offered to put this one out for discussion, so how about it everyone? Let’s get some suggestions and start a discussion. First, zjh, tell us a little about your blog. What is it about? How long [...]

How Often and When to Post

While you may have thought about what to post on your blog, have you ever thought about when to post? Your first instinct is probably to just post when it’s convenient to you, but should also consider your target audience. You want to be able to reach out to them at the best time and in the best manner. There are several factors that may influence when you should post.

It’s All About Me!

Without an “about me” page you are just another blogger among millions. A new reader wants to know who you are, what you are and what makes you so unique.

5 bloggers you can’t escape

You follow blogs because you like their content, style, tone etc, etc. But in your life as a blogger, you are certain to encounter 5 blogs that you just have to follow. Whose blogs are these anyway?

Who Are You Talking To? (Getting To Know Your Target Audience)

Understanding your target audience better helps you generate more relevant content. Here are some ways to help you understand your target audience better.