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The Cult of the Amateur and The Long Tail – Two MUST READ books for Bloggers

These are two must read books for bloggers that are not directly about blogging, but that have everything to do with producing your own content. These two books offer opposing (yet counterbalancing) views of the world of user generated and self published content such as YouTube videos, and blogs. Chris Anderson, in “The Long Tail”, [...]

List titles carefully for an effective blog layout

When laying out your blog, you want to list titles carefully not only so your visitors can read the current post, but so they can also easily find your other posts.

Anticipation only sells ketchup on TV! (…on speeding up your blog)

If the pages of your blog don’t load fast enough, there’s a good chance that new readers would walk out on your blog too. These tips should help you speed up page loading on your blog.

Important Tips When Naming Your New Blog

Did you ever have a lame email id and felt foolish when you had to put it on a job application? It’s a similar story with your blog name and domain name. You get just one chance to make it work for you. Don’t let that thought overwhelm you; just keep these simple tips in mind when you name your blog or register your domain name.

Hurry up already! (How to post quickly)

What happens when you are running late for work, you need to shower, walk the dog and write a blog post? There’s a good chance that you might skip the blog posting all together. We all know Stephen Covey’s famous Quadrant of important/urgent. But let’s face it, sometimes you just need to do it all. That’s when posting quickly helps. Try these techniques the next time you think of skipping that blog post.

A Rich Lush Template? Or a No-Frills Blog?

Certain niches just beg for a lush graphics heavy theme with elaborate javascript and css effects. But a blog can easily be smothered by slow loading pages and excessively vibrant themes. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a frilly template and simple template.