How to Build Blog Authority

By: Guest Author

building blog authority

building blog authority

Wanna know how to build blog authority? Easy… DON’T REGURGITATE HALF DIGESTED CRAP IN A HALF INFORMED WAY.

But that’s obvious!

Well it seems pretty obvious, but apparently, judging by the amount of crap circulating the web, the blogs, heck even the supposedly “legitimate” news sources, apparently it’s not nearly as obvious as one would think.

But what does that mean?

What does that mean? What it really means is… when you come across some fact, some news, some discovery that is relevant to your niche, and you just can’t WAIT to share it… do yourself and all of your readers a favor… and wait. Not for long, mind you. You don’t want to be the last one to post about it. But if you value your authority, you have to protect your authority. How? By taking the time to check the facts. By taking the time to think where is this information coming from and what do they want to achieve by having you repeat it.

Why? Because it was probably free to you. And nothing of value in this world is ever really free. So what’s the real cost? The real cost is the siphoning off of your authority in exchange for a little free content.

You can’t be the guru of your niche and still pass along whatever free (or cheap) content you can get your hands on.

So Let’s Compromise

OK, here’s a compromise: Don’t wait to publish the hot scoop of the week… go ahead and run the scoop. But clearly indicate “This Just In”… and promise your readers to dig deeper and give a complete report when you know more.

You know, “Pictures at Eleven”.

Except, unlike the local news that just wants the spectacle for the easy ratings… actually follow through and do the thorough investigation and reaport back to your readers with all the facts.

Not only do you protect your authority by actually earning it with diligent reporting and thoughtful consideration of the material, but you get the benefit of the classic cliff-hanger too.

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