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By: Guest Author


Do you come across as annoying to your readers? While you may not be able to appeal to every reader’s idea of an ideal writer / speaker, you can at least minimize the things that most people consider to be annoying. Here are a couple things that seem annoying to most people.


Forget blogging for a moment; sidetracking (or going off on a wild tangent and getting lost in detail that is secondary to your main point) is annoying in any social situation.  While it maybe slightly tolerable when speaking in person, since you at least can gauge the interest in your listeners eyes, it’s almost unbearable in writing. Your readers already have a big list of blogs to read so when you sidetrack on your blog, you really test your reader’s patience.

Explaining things that don’t need explaining

Sometimes bloggers go into great details to explain things that just about everyone already know. Try not to talk down to your readers or get too preachy. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes because there’s a good chance they are much like you. Give some credit to their intelligence and respect their opinions too.  If you feel something might merit an explanation, find a reference, insert a link to it, and keep moving.  This is really what hypertext is all about.

Not explaining things that need explaining

While it’s not a good idea to explain things that are already known to your readers, you might want to explain things that they might not know. Don’t be too quick to assume that everybody knows the names of all the places you visit or hang out at. You don’t want to make your readers feel like outcasts since they don’t know what you are raving about so zealously.  Generally speaking you should explain things as a separate post, and link them together.  This is the best way to manage tangential information.  There is nothing wrong with releasing 3 to 5 short related posts at once, instead of one long monolithic dissertation, particularly when communicating technical or how to type information.

Sharing too much personal information

You babble on about your shoe size, your favorite Backstreet Boy, and how your dog’s won’t eat dog food and only gets kosher beef franks for dinner… and guess what?  Nobody cares! Even though it might seem like an odd thing to say about writing a blog, be a good listener. Listen to what your target really wants to know, and then deliver. Sharing too much irrelevant personal information is a big turn off for readers.

No response to comments

You’ve had your share of talking now hear what your readers have to say about it. While you may not be able to respond to everyone’s comments and at all times, try your best to keep up with the comments. And be a gracious host.  These are your guests.  Treat them like you want them to come back next time.

Using too many emoticons

You may be a very happy person or a very sad person. You may be addicted to sticking your tongue out when you talk. But you don’t need to express these emotions in every sentence of your post! There’s nothing annoying about an occasional emoticon, its overuse is what annoys. Rely more on words to express your emotion and readers will understand your mood from your tone.

So put yourself in the place of your reader and think about what would annoy you the most. The last thing you would want is an annoyed reader heading for the unsubscribe button!

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