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The Cult of the Amateur and The Long Tail – Two MUST READ books for Bloggers

These are two must read books for bloggers that are not directly about blogging, but that have everything to do with producing your own content. These two books offer opposing (yet counterbalancing) views of the world of user generated and self published content such as YouTube videos, and blogs. Chris Anderson, in “The Long Tail”, [...]

Three Essential WordPress SEO Tips

SEO isn’t something you want to ignore. It seems like a small thing on paper, but it’s these small things that are going to put you ahead of your competition.

Don’t be Annoying | annoying blog

Do you come across as are you annoying to your readers? While you may not be able to appeal to every reader’s idea of an ideal writer / speaker, you can at least minimize the things that most people consider to be annoying. Here are a couple things that seem annoying to most people.