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By: Guest Author

Getting <i>Repeat Traffic</i>

Getting Repeat Traffic

If traffic is key, then repeat traffic is the master key.  Regardless of how you intend to create traffic, make sure your blog will bring back repeat visitors…. it’s like the old parable of giving a man a fish versus teaching him to fish. Traffic is getting a fish. Repeat traffic is learning how to fish. Or maybe it’s the fish jumping in the boat all on their own.   Ok so maybe my metaphors are a little mixed up here, but you still got the idea….

So anyhow… here are a few ways you can encourage your guests to become regulars.

Have a Newsletter or E-Zine

Provide free subscription to your newsletter. You can do this either with a newsletter distribution service, or you can do it with an opt-in mailing list and have it automatically generated with your new blog posts. Generally, your newsletter will contain one or two short articles, plus a collection of summaries that link back to your blog for the full details. Nothing brings back repeat traffic like a useful newsletter or e-zine.

Provide High Quality Original Content

Like, duh man! This may seem obvious, but many blogs suffer from unoriginal content, or a lack of quality. Make sure your posts are the best they can be. Repeat traffic only happens when your guests were completely satisfied the last time they stopped in.

Compile a Free List of Resources

You can offer it as a free bonus when subscribing to your newsletter. The list could be of e-books, other newsletters, web sites etc. If subscribers find your list to be useful then they will be more likely to visit your site frequently. A free resource list will only build repeat traffic if it’s a useful enough resource that the owner will refer back to it again and again.

Give Your Visitors a Free E-Book

An e-book may take a little time to produce, but it is best to avoid PLR and other low quality material, especially if you are putting your own name on it. However, once produced, an e-book can have a much longer useful life that an equivalent number of blog posts, for example, you can include your own ads and links in the e-book, and then encourage others to give it away for free as well. Like a resource list, a free e-book will only build repeat traffic if it’s genuinely useful.

Hold Free Online Classes or Seminars

They can be held in a private chat room, or you can give webinars. There are several companies offering webinar hosting services. The idea of “live” interaction will encourage more participation, and if you have a well defined niche for your blog, you could become known as an expert on it. Nothing brings back repeat traffic like a series of live events.

Have Contests and Drawings

Everyone and I do mean everyone loves free stuff. Find something of value to your visitors and have a contest or drawing. If you have a recurring contest of drawing, it can also encourage repeat traffic.

Give Advice and Encourage Discussion

Set up a Q and A area where you can give advice to people who visit your web site and have questions. Or you could create a forum where everyone can discuss and contribute. People who have asked questions or are involved in discussions are sure to become repeat visitors.

Traffic is the key-element for a blog, and the key to traffic over the long term is your repeat traffic. Be sure to make your blog interesting, unique, and compelling to bring back your readers again and again.

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