Get Ideas for Blog Posts Without Thinking Much (5 Quick Sources for Blog Topics)

By: Guest Author

You probably won’t believe me when I say that you can come up with great post ideas without straining your brain too much. While you do need to think of creative blog post ideas, you can still get ideas without having to think too hard. Here are five ways to help you do just that.

Search it

While you always want to keep your blog posts original, there’s no harm is seeking inspiration from other websites. Google topics that you generally write about and see what kind of posts other writers come up with. You might be inspired to write on a similar topic but with completely different ideas and opinions. One interesting source of news and inspiration could be a blog aggregator like where you can browse recent blogs and news on almost any subject that interests you.


Comments on your own blog or others’ blogs are great sources of inspiration for post topics. Maybe someone said something thought provoking or intelligent. You could also get inspiration for an educational post from a less than informed comment.


Forums are an excellent source of inspiration for great posts. Interestingly, forums showcase expert opinions as well as opinions from laypersons. You get a balanced view from both groups which could help you write to a broader audience.

Offline social life

There’s a good chance that you might overlook the possibility of seeking ideas from beyond the internet. Think about the many conversations you have in a given day. Did someone say something wise? Or did someone bring up a debatable issue? Make a mental note of topics from beyond the internet, maybe using the notepad in your smart phone. Many bloggers forget about their identities once they go offline.

Beyond the computer

While blogs, comments and forums are great sources of inspiration, don’t forget good old fashioned books. A nice non-fiction read could give you more inspiration than you might ever imagine. Even if you don’t end up with much inspiration from a book, you can still write about the book itself and what you liked or disliked about it.

So you don’t always have to try to think of completely original ideas. You are allowed to seek inspiration from any source. Just make it original by adding your own perspective, voice, or explanation.

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