Blogging Tricks to Boost Traffic

By: Guest Author

Every once a while you might want to rustle things up on your blog. You might find that breaking out of your blogging routine can revive your own enthusiasm and boost traffic at the same time. Here’s a list of some fun tricks commonly used by bloggers.


Reward your wonderful readers with an occasional giveaway. Pick an event or just make one up. You could announce in a post that you will giveaway something on a specific date and time to any random commenter. You could motivate your readers to retweet about it or use that as a condition of participation. Think about what would appeal to your niche when deciding on what to giveaway. If your post gets viral on social Bookmarking sites, you’ll be amazed at the sudden rise in activity. And all you needed to do was give something away.

Community events

What kind of topics do you cover on your blog? Does your niche have a large community? If it does then a community event is a great idea. In community events you basically involve the community of interested readers and participants to participate in an activity that would appeal them. The ideas here are endless. You could probably organize a meet or simply spark an online debate. Try to focus on your target when planning any community activity and while posting about your experiences. Throwing in a freebie or two might help boost participation.

Personal/group challenges

Remember the movie “Julie and Julia”? This is precisely what it’s about. Here you basically set a challenge for yourself and keep readers updated about your progress. You could even invite readers to participate in the challenge and share their experiences. This may sound very exciting, but it has limited applicability. It’s more relevant for blogs that are a little personal in nature. But spin this idea around and figure out a way to incorporate it in your blog. It’s exciting and engaging because of the deadline and people are motivated to return to your blog to see how the challenge turned out for you.

Guest posts

The best part about guest posting is that your blog gets publicized on other blogs. This means that you are introduced to a new set of readers many of whom might want to follow you. You could accept an invitation for a guest post or simply invite another blogger to post on your blog. Either way, you generate a flurry of activity on your blog.

Blogging tricks, little detours from your normal routine, can create big waves on your blog if done properly. So don’t be afraid to use them occasionally. You need not be restricted to these common ideas. Spin around a few ideas and see what tricks you can dream up to promote your blog.

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