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Getting Repeat Traffic is the Key to Success – HowTo Get Repeat Traffic

Traffic is the key-element for a blog, and the key to traffic over the long term is your repeat traffic. Be sure to make your blog interesting, unique, and compelling to bring back your readers again and again.

Get Ideas for Blog Posts Without Thinking Much (5 Quick Sources for Blog Topics)

You can get ideas for blog posts without having to think too hard. Here are five ways to help you do that.

What’s the difference between a blogger and a professional blogger?

Blogging is taking over the mainstream in many ways, but this doesn’t mean that the average blogger is the one taking over the media. But what separates a professional blogger from an average blogger?

Blogging Tricks to Boost Traffic

Every once a while you might want to rustle things up on your blog. You might find that breaking out of your blogging routine can revive your own enthusiasm and boost traffic at the same time. Here’s a list of some fun tricks commonly used by bloggers.

A Request from Twitter: Help @zjh90 get his blog noticed.

@zjh90 asks via Twitter: What are some great ways to really get my blog out there and noticed? I offered to put this one out for discussion, so how about it everyone? Let’s get some suggestions and start a discussion. First, zjh, tell us a little about your blog. What is it about? How long [...]

Anticipation only sells ketchup on TV! (…on speeding up your blog)

If the pages of your blog don’t load fast enough, there’s a good chance that new readers would walk out on your blog too. These tips should help you speed up page loading on your blog.