How Often and When to Post

By: Guest Author

While you may have thought about what to post on your blog, have you ever thought about when to post? Your first instinct is probably to just post when it’s convenient to you, but should also consider your target audience. You want to be able to reach out to them at the best time and in the best manner. There are several factors that may influence when you should post.

Content and Target

Surprisingly, the content of your blog may determine what frequency in posting you need to maintain. What kinds of readers appreciate your content? When would it be a good time to get through to them? For instance if your blog analyzes the conditions at the stock market, your target audience might consist of investors who want to read your blog during the trading day. Similarly, if your blog talks about recording artists, your readers might prefer reading it over the weekend.


If your matter is likely to get dated soon, then you need to post frequently. For instance if your blog talks about celebrity gossip, you’ve got to keep posting new content since it doesn’t have a long life. You might need to post multiple times over a week because once the life of your article elapses; it’s just an archive without much value.

Time Zones

You might want to take a while to think about this one. What is the target audience that you want to reach out to? Where are they located and when would be a good time for them? Say for instance you live in Japan, and your blog teaches basic Japanese in American English. Your target audience lives in America, so you need think about when they would find it convenient to read your blog.

Community expectations

The consumer is King, of course. Check how often your readers want you to post. You can ask them outright or gauge this from their comments. Also, experiment a little with posting and see on what days you get more comments. This of course depends on your content; but you can figure this out if you do this over a period of time.

While a blog is a time independent record, posts are released to aggregators and search engines and they have a concept of time. So when your reader is ready to check his feeds for the day, you want your post to be right at the top in their feed reader. You want to be above all the Techorati top blogs on his feed reader.

So before you decide to post whenever you want, think about the factors that affect your blogs success. You don’t just need to appeal to your target; you also have to reach them when they’re most likely to be looking.

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