The worst ways to advertise

By: Guest Author

If you want to make money from blogging, you’re going to have to put up advertisements eventually. But let’s face it; nobody really likes to be bombarded with advertising. To be fair you wouldn’t enjoy that either. Luckily we’ve got a list of types of advertising that people don’t love too much. Steer clear of these and you can put up advertisements without annoying your readers (too much).


Pop up advertising is probably the most annoying kind of advertising created by man and thankfully people realized that a long time ago. That’s precisely why every decent web browser has a pop up block feature.

Avoid pop-ups like the plague. If you’re not running some shady spamfest, e-pharmacy or pornutopia, these will only make it look like you are. It’s best to stay clear away from such nastiness. Besides, if the advertising pays by clicks, it’s pretty useless for you since you won’t get many views; clicks are a distant possibility.

Video/ flash ads

I wouldn’t say completely avoid these, but use them with a bit of caution. What you find a lot these days are embedded videos that start playing as soon as the page opens. Although it is engaging, be aware of then cons of this kind of advertising before you use it. Think about the kind of blog and audience you have. For instance, if your blog casually talks about hot music artists of today, then you could use this kind of advertising since it fits with the entertainment theme of your blog in some ways. On the other hand, if your blog talks about philosophy, this kind of advertising would probably kill the mood.

Moving Panel Ads.

While banner ads seem almost dignified these days, the moving panel that runs around the screen is its uncouth sibling. Banner ads are absolutely fine as long as they stay right there. The ones that float over the page and block what the visitor is reading are really aggravating. You feel pursued and forced and mostly annoyed. The reader can’t focus on the content and feels pressured. Worse still if the close button is tiny and they click the ad by mistake while trying to close it. You may have made your $.13, but they will likely never come back. Feel free to use other kinds of banners though.

And what’s the number one no-no in advertising land?

Anything that makes noise!

Imagine one of your loyal readers is watching porn on one screen and browsing your latest blog post on the other… last thing the poor guy wants is for your blog to start making a racket and drawing attention. Not that YOUR readers would be, ahem, so disposed.

So while you may need to put advertisements on you blog, you also need to think about how much advertising the reader would be ready to take. Let the advertising be subtle and dignified. Losing a subscriber is more detrimental to the long term success of your blog than is not earning money in the short run.

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