It’s All About Me!

By: Guest Author


How much do you think people want to hear what someone has to say without knowing that person at all? Not so much.

While protecting your private identity is a thing of concern, connecting with your followers is essential too. Although you may not want to share very personal information; you should at least have a short “about me” for your followers. Need more reasons? Read on.

An about me puts a face to the blog

You may never get to meet all your blog followers and they may never get to know how you really are. That’s where an “about me” helps. Readers can put a face to your blog. You may not even put up a bio image if you don’t want to. Even a text only write up about yourself can help your readers imagine what you are like and how your personality reflects in your blog.

An about me motivates people to follow you

A lot of first time readers might read a few posts and if they like your style, they might look for an “about me” page. Without an “about me” page you are just another blogger among millions. A new reader would like to know what you are like and what makes you so unique. It’s quite likely that your “about me” page would be associated with your blog in the readers’ memory.

An about me helps readers feel more connected with your blog

Obviously, people feel more connected with your blog if they know you better. Your followers might share similar interests and preference and neither of you would find out unless there’s an “about me”. You want come across as an approachable person to your readers and an “about me” helps you do just that. So it’s quite likely that your readers might refer to you blog like this “Oh that blog about literature! I remember now. Wasn’t it that guy who liked Pringles with cool whip?”

An about me helps in networking and community building

The whole idea of social networking revolves around the term “about me”. If you want to network and build a community you are going to have to share a little information about yourself. Your community will feel connected with you only if they know you. Your “about me” is almost like an impersonal business card.

It really is all about you!

Apart from all that, an about me is the best chance you get to be an egotist! I mean think about it, you finally get to talk as much as you want about yourself and people actually want to read it. Finally it really can be all about you.

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