5 bloggers you can’t escape

By: Guest Author

You follow blogs because you like their content, style, tone etc, etc. But in your life as a blogger, you are certain to encounter 5 blogs that you just have to follow. Whose blogs are these anyway? Read on.1182571_99590542

The competitor

You don’t like his posts. You don’t like his style. You can’t stand his template. In short you hate his blog. It might even bug you when he gets more comments on posts which are so similar to what you wrote. You’re still going to need to follow him. Remember that old proverb about keeping friends close and enemies closer? It’s very relevant in the blogosphere. Following your competitors is the best way to keep a track on their activities. And nobody questions you about anything, you can follow anyone. After all it’s a free blogosphere right?

The linker

This blogger loves your blog. In fact he loves your blog so much, that he graciously links your blog in the “blogs I love” section on his blog. Come on now, don’t be rude. You’ve got to follow this guy…it’s a mandatory social convention!

The leader

You idolize this blogger. He gets a three digit number of comments, has a five digit number on his subscriber count and probably makes an even larger figure from his blog. He’s been around the blogging business for a while and currently rules your niche. You need to follow him to learn everything that you should know about your niche. He talks with authority and experience and you can take his word for most everything he says. You couldn’t ignore him even if you tried.

The supporter

He isn’t any ordinary reader. He means much more to you. Ever since you started your blog, he’s been the first one to comment. He honestly tells you when your posts stink and praises you when they are exemplary. Although his words are now lost in the sea of comments that your blog receives, you can’t forget him. You follow him to keep in contact.

The facilitator

They talk in an anonymous tone and simply tell you what you should know. They won’t comment on your blog or read your posts. They may not have anything in common with your blog. But you need to follow them to help sharpen your skills or learn about essential facts. Your platform’s administration blog would be a good example.  FYI we also fall in this category! (You just can’t escape us, so you may as well subscribe now.)

You can’t run away from these bloggers. What’s really interesting about this is that every blogger will encounter each one of them sometime or the other. But this thought shouldn’t really bother you; all you need to do is follow!

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