Who Are You Talking To? (Getting To Know Your Target Audience)

By: Guest Author

For any commercial writer such as a blogger, it’s all about the target audience. If you want to express your views and get people to read them you really need to appeal to your target audience.

Understanding your target audience better helps you generate more relevant content and makes your material a more compelling read. Here are some ways to help you understand your target audience better.


If your blogging platform provides you with the option of viewing the statistics of your blog activity, use it. Statistics may seem overwhelming but they give you a better idea of the kind of content that gets the maximum activity. Figure out what posts are the most popular, and try to figure out why.  Was the title catchy, so you got the RSS traffic spike and the search engine clicks?  Was the body compelling so you got lots of back links that built traffic over time?  Was it viral and got lots of emails and tweets and social bookmarks?  That’s exactly what you should want to know so you can better target your audience in the future.

Feed aggregator tools

Many feed aggregators like feed burner provide you with tools to check the activity on your posts. They show you the activity level on your posts, the sources of clicks and subscriber rates per day. You can tell which posts generated maximum subscribers and which posts lost subscribers.


Go through the comments on each of your posts. Which posts got the maximum comments? What kind of comments were they? Did readers like it or hate it? Keep an eye on the direction in which your comments move. Take some time to click back on comments posted by your readers and have a look at the kind of blogs they write or subscribe to.

Social bookmarking

Check your posts for social activity. Which posts get retweeted and which ones are shared on Digg and StumbleUpon? More importantly who are the people who are responsible for such activity?  What can you do to continue to appeal to them?

Figure it out

The fancy tools are all well and good but you could simply do your own quick search to understand your target audience better. Think about the genre and nature of the topic you cover on your blog and understand it better. You could search for blogs with similar content and see what they post and how they appeal to their audiences. It’s a good idea to do this because you also get an idea of the competition in the blogosphere.

Think of your blog as a product that you need to sell. If you want to market your blog better, you need to understand your target market better. Understand your target audience and use them as a reference point for any activity on your blog. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t buy something you didn’t like, so why would you expect your readers be any different?

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