Important Tips When Naming Your New Blog

By: Guest Author

Did you ever have a lame email id and felt foolish when you had to put it on a job application? It’s a similar story with your blog name and domain name. You get just one chance to make it work for you.  Don’t let that thought overwhelm you; just keep these simple tips in mind when you name your blog or register your domain name.


There’s no question that short urls are easy to remember and locate. The easier you make it for people to find you the more subscribers you get.


Try creating a dramatic blog name. What I mean by dramatic is to make it as over-the-top and interesting as you can. But keep the target audience and blog content in mind too.

Reflective of content

It’s best if your blog title reflects the kind of content on your blog. For instance if you have a blog on technology and name it something like “RobTalks” or “TerryTalks” it could easily mistaken for a personal blog of some sort.  But “RobTalksTechTurkey” or “TerryTalksTech” could be punchy, alliterative, on point, and memorable.

Grammatically correct

Although you could use a grammatically incorrect title to create interest, it doesn’t work every time. Ensure that any deviations from proper grammar are purely intentional, and that they achieve the desired effect.


You might think that it’s a blog title so why should it need to be pronounceable?  Well think about how your readers would refer to you blog.  Even if they aren’t talking about it, even thinking it as they read can be a challenge. And if they wanted to talk about it, would they be embarrassed to say it wrong?  Remember how you didn’t initially know how to pronounce Orkut? It took a little while to get your tongue around the name. Don’t make it hard for people to talk about you.  Ever


Another thing to keep in mind is to try to get a blog title that would be understood by anyone. You don’t want to be stuck with a title that would be understandable only to a few people. However if your niche is familiar with the term, you could use it since it would appeal to them. So before you decide on a new blog name or a domain name, take a while to think about the title. You don’t want to be stuck with a title that is difficult for readers to understand or locate.

What’s in a name? Undoubtedly, a lot.  You could change your own name if you wanted but changing your blog name later can be quite challenging.  Once traffic starts moving onto your blog, it’s cumbersome and disruptive to move to a new blog name even if you really want to. So before selecting a name for your blog, think of a name can love. Repeat the name, say it aloud. Get a second opinion on it. Fall in love with it. Then tie the knot.

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