How To “How To”

By: Guest Author

Everybody likes a good how-to post occasionally. Not only are they fun and reader friendly, they are really easy to1070517_43326564create. Here’s a quick post on how to make a good how-to.

Pick what you know

Do you know what you are giving advice about? Stick to your area of expertise. Nobody likes free advice unless you actually know what you are talking about. For instance, you surely wouldn’t want stock tips from Paris Hilton or hairstyle advice from Donald Trump.

List them out into steps/ points

It’s always a good idea to break down your content into easy to follow steps or points. Readers find advice easy to assimilate and apply when broken down into small chunks.

Use subtitles before for each point

It helps readers skip any points that they may already know. But it’s best to avoid using subtitles when you don’t have a lot to say about a particular step.

Get to the point

Don’t beat around the bush; give your readers exactly what that title promises to offer. That’s the beauty of a how to post, you don’t need to get into detailed descriptions. Just focus on what the reader wants to learn from the post.

Keep it simple

The idea behind reading a how to post is to learn about something you don’t already know… that’s why it’s a good idea to keep your how to as simple and easy to understand as possible

Be sure of yourself

Find your voice and write with confidence. Your advice won’t have much standing if you sound uncertain about it yourself. You might need to live the how-to before you actually write about it with self assurance.


You might want to summarize your post with the expected outcome. Here you can even talk about your own experiences doing that particular activity.

And finally, write a how-to guide only for something that needs a guide!

I know what you are thinking about right now. You’re thinking of a nice topic to write a how to on for your blog. That’s great! How to’s come in handy when you have lull days on your blog. So just pick what you know to do well, and let the world know how to do it too. Simple.

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