Help! I’m out of Ideas! (Quick ways to get a brain blast)

By: Guest Author

Have you ever found yourself in front of your computer screen, clueless about what to post?


Well you need a brain blast! Here’s some ways to get an instant burst of ideas:


As vague as it may sound, thinking really is the best way to get started on a new post. Just like Edward De Bono says, make thinking a deliberate process rather than a reactive one. So you need to think at all times not just while sitting in front of your blank dashboard. There are just two steps for this: 1. Sit in the famous thinking pose, 2. Think.

Stop thinking

And if thinking isn’t working, then stop.  Try reacting.  Try clicking your favorite writers RSS feed, pick the first article, and just start reacting to it.  (Hint: You should be typing your reaction into the post editor and not muttering to your dog).

The ‘Magic Notebook’

It may be old fashioned, but it works! Get a notebook and pencil and take it wherever you go. If you ever get any inspiration, write it down immediately. Many a time you may have had a great idea but you just can’t remember it. If you are more of the tech savvy type, switch the notebook for your notebook computer or smart phone.

Take a break

Sometimes the best way to get a creative idea is to stay away from your computer. Don’t think so hard over it; take a break to clear your thoughts. Take a walk or a coffee break. Or just peek out of the window for a while. You figure this one out.

Pull out older posts

As a desperate measure, it’s all right to pull out older posts and write new posts on them. You could elaborate on how a certain thing turned out or how your views may have changed about it. You could even pick out comments from those posts and talk about how those comments changed your thinking/opinion about something.

Look around

Yes it works! Let’s say your eyes wander casually over to the cup of coffee on your table. If you are a food blogger, you might start thinking of how coffee can be made better. If you are fiction blogger, you might start your next post with the protagonist finding a cup of coffee which she never kept on her table.

Newspaper/ News blogs

Did you read the news and find something hilarious, poignant, and fearsome? Write about it. Write about it now. The best way to capitalize on important news is to write about it while people are still googling it. You get something to talk about as well as a decent number of views.

When all else fails

Write about the blogging platform you use and why you love it!

Just like good and bad hair days, there are good and bad blog days. So incase you’re having a bad blog day, you could use these techniques to get a lot of ideas to flood your blog with great posts. And if you still need any kind of help with your blog, we’re right here for you.

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