Ways to prevent “Skim And Run”

By: Guest Author

“Skim & Run” is a terrible thing. It’s when a visitor has arrived at your post, but doesn’t stick around.311663_8256

Just generating traffic is not always enough… you also have to get the best possible “skim to subscribe” conversion rate, so that today’s new visitor becomes tomorrow’s frequent visitor.

Friendly graphics

Even if you just have your blog ready without any posts on it, fix up RSS and Atom buttons. Use the universal and easy to identify graphics for RSS and Atom syndication. You could add more buttons for different blog reading platforms but make sure you select ones with friendly graphics for easy identification.

Provide a link for updates via email

Always give readers the option of subscribing via email for blog updates. Some readers prefer reading via email rather than from a feed reading platform. Make sure they have that option.

Link within posts

Try linking within posts to generate further interest. For example, you could say, “if you enjoyed this post you might want to read this one”, and provide a link to another post on your blog. This way you keep readers hooked for a longer span of time which could eventually motivate them to subscribe.

Categorize and label

To keep a visitor hooked for longer than just one post, it’s a good idea to categorize and label. A tag cloud is another way to go about this. Help a reader find content that they want to read and you’ve got a follower.

Stimulate Comments

An excellent way turn skimmers to subscribers is by stimulating comments. Say something that could have two angles to it, get people thinking and commenting. And ask for their comments.  Don’t assume that just because you enabled comments that they’ll assume you welcome their comments.

Make up jargon

You want to have a fan following. You want people to feel connected and at home with your blog. Make up jargon and acronyms for common things you do or say and get skimmers curious. But avoid overdoing it; you don’t want to appear to be typing out a telegram.

While “Skim & Run” is a big blow to a bloggers’ efforts, it can be reduced (if not stopped) if you try to maker your blog as engaging as possible. Basically, you need to keep the reader hooked onto the blog for as long as possible to increase the chances of conversion from skimmer to subscriber.

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