Tweeting makes you write better

By: Guest Author

Everyone says things like twitter and texting are just terrible for your writing. Well here are a few good things you can learn from tweeting.1806347785

If you’ve used twitter, you have already learned that writing something meaningful in 140 characters or less is much harder than it sounds. But once you’ve mastered the art of tweeting really compelling tweets (the kind that get retweeted) you’ve just helped yourself become a better blogger.


Without a doubt, twitter really challenges your skills as an editor. Not only do you need to write relevant and interesting things, you need to fit it in just 140 characters. You’re forced to write grammatically and factually correct tweets with minimum punctuation. You don’t have much of a chance with emoticons either. So what you end up with is clean, tight, and well thought out sentences… something your blog could also use.

Focus on essentials

Since you’ll be chopping off good number characters in your sentences, you’re forced to get to the point. This is a very useful skill for a blogger because people don’t like reading way too much. Keeping sentences short and crisp is the best way to get people hooked to your blog or tweets.

Relevant content

Twitter helps you generate relevant content on your blog. What your followers are saying about your tweets really helps you understand what direction your conversation is moving. As you tweet more, you’ll understand what tweets get maximum responses. You start keeping your audiences in mind while blogging.

Create a community

You can’t blog in isolation. A blog is a dynamic platform and you need to grow a community if you want to be a successful blogger. Growing a community means to get a stream of regular subscribers who get acquainted with your style and nature of posts. They come back for more and push your blog forward. Twitter is a great way to create a social network of potential followers and promote your blog among that group.

Find like minded bloggers

Twitter is a great way to connect with other bloggers with similar ideas. Use twitter as a means to increase your reach as well as a platform to exchange views with these bloggers- in 140 characters or less!

While you don’t want to infest your blog with twitter and text shortcuts, tweeting does teach other essential skills like editing and staying focused on the basics. Although these are essential skills, it’s best to keep blog posts above 140 characters please!

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