Hot Topics to blog about (when your mind goes blank)

By: Guest Author

There comes a time in every bloggers life when you just don’t know what to write. That’s all right. You need not do the dreadful and skip your post all together. These universal, safe, and wholesome topics are perfect to fill that void.


Watched a controversial movie or read a NY Times bestseller recently? Review it! Don’t go off niche though; try to fit it with the content you generally turn out.

Your political stand

Not only does this interest everyone but it’s a great conversation starter too. It could get a little hot in the comments section though, so treat this one with a bit of caution.


Give your opinion on what you think about the current headlines.  Do this fast! Avoid being lazy with posting. Headlines have very short lives so you need to capitalize on them right away even if that means risking spilling your morning coffee on your laptop.

Humor post

There’s always a little space for humor in the world, especially in the blogging world. Write a (genuinely) funny post on anything you like, you’ll keep your followers and fill your post void.

Link your favorite sites

Take some time to go through your bookmarked websites and make a list of your favorite links or posts from others blog. It’s simple and helps you get really popular with other bloggers.

Top Ten List

This is by far the easiest kind of post and still doesn’t make you sound stupid either. Make a list of the top ten anything, stick to what might appeal to your target…


An occasional rant is actually quite refreshing. You could talk about how much you hate your long commute or your neighbor’s cat. You could even rant about rants.

WordPress vs joomla vs blogger vs typepad vs movable type vs

The war of the best blog platforms never fails you. Never.

These hot topics never fail you! So you can safely use one of these topics to fill the post void.

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