Swearing’s Bad, Umkay?

By: Guest Author

You might have had a bad day; a miserable one actually. You might be seeking to vent it out somewhere, anywhere. Spare your blog readers the torture! Believe-it-or-not, swearing isn’t appreciated by everyone. Every once a while, you might even lose a follower for the same reason. Let’s see why swearing is not hot.

It’s Offensive

And unpleasant, nasty, distasteful, odious and hateful. Avoid it!

Not age appropriate

You enjoy slipping something un-wholesome in your blog occasionally. But you might not realize that every reader isn’t your age or older than you. There might be an innocent, pure mind that might come across your rather inappropriate matter and not understand it. But when he does, he’ll realize that he wasn’t supposed to know it, yet.


People do feel insulted when you swear and especially if it’s at them or something they like. So next time you have strong, spiteful feelings for something, tone it down. Wrestle a pillow or take up kick-boxing. Spare your readers.


Swearing is an annoying element in any blog post. Imagine trying to decipher a sentence that looks something like this: I had a ****** bad ***** its ***** for ***** me. (I can’t understand what I wrote myself).
Focus on content is lost

You start swearing and there goes the quality of your content, the authority in your voice and the credibility of your facts. Quite a hard bargain for a rude word, right?

However, it’s all about target audience. There are blogs where swearing might not be looked down upon. In fact, it might even be appreciated. Take a celebrity or music blog for instance. You are permitted and even expected to talk in hyperbole and you can swear here without any harm done. What about in response to an infuriating piece of news? You could swear here and get away with it too. It could actually help bring out your feelings better.

All that being said, it really is best to avoid swearing on your blog. Unless you really want to create that kind of an image or if you feel that your target might not mind it. Or if you are writing about South Park of curse… oops, I mean course.

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