To make more money w/ your blog, WRITE LESS! (Part 2)

By: Guest Author

Ok, so in Part 1, we’ve already talked about how you should probably be spending less of your total TIME writing, and a good deal more of your time on the other tasks that are necessary in order for your blogging business to succeed.

Now let’s look at the QUANTITY of content per post. Many professional bloggers sit down to write an article about xyz, and being perfectionists we end up listing out all the aspects of xyz in insane detail, then exploring every possible detail of each aspect, and then all the relationships between the details… until we are no longer writing a blog post, we’re writing some kind of meandering half e-book half runaway article from hell. STOP THAT!

Nobody wants to land on your blog and fall into a 20 page missive about all the finer details of xyz when the abc is present, especially if pdq is considered bla bla bla. Of course, they want that information… but for so many reasons, the key is to keep it separated into easily digested chunks.

Don’t write the full thesis on xyz, which will take 4 or 5 days, and then post it all in one big intimidating blog post. Here’s what you do instead.

First, get your top level list of the aspects of xyz, maybe 10 to 15 bullet points. Write a quick post outlining those bullets and give a sentence, maybe two MAX on each point. Close it up with a summary to the effect of “stay tuned, as we will be exploring each of these aspects in more detail in the next few days. Subscribe to our feed or mailing list to follow along”, and then post it. ETA an hour or two. Tops.

Now step back and look what you’ve done… You now have now posted something that not only gives an overview of the subject that your readers can read today, but it entices them to subscribe for the follow on details. It also gives you a todo list for the next few days. You can either tackle that todo list immediately, or you can knock off one follow up post a week to keep the posts playing out over time.

So you pick the first bullet point on xyz, and you expand on it. List out the details of this aspect, maybe 3 to 5 of them… then write 400 to 600 words making sure to cover every detail you listed. If there are more than 5 or 6 details, just list out a handful for now… but later you can come back, edit the post and convert it to a longer list, just like your xyz post. This could be a recursive process for as long as you have new details to expand on.

When your article on the details of aspect 1 of xyz is complete, give it a catchy title, and add a closing paragraph… “stay tuned for more about xyz in our continuing series. Join our feed or email list to stay informed.” Then post it.

Now go back to the xyz post, and add a link in the section about the first aspect, pointing it at the new post.

Notice how you are now writing LESS CONTENT per post. Your post count will go way up. You are also making the posts more useful to the readers by improving the organization and making them easier to digest one at time. Your quality will probably improve as you produce smaller posts on more focused topics…and get this, more focused niche posts will optimize MUCH better for SEO purposes.

Plus, you’re continuously encouraging the reader to stick around, click some other posts, and subscribe.

Now this is how you build a loyal following.

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