To make more money blogging, WRITE LESS! (Part 1)

By: Guest Author

If you really really want to make a living with your blog, then it’s probably time for you to start writing less.

I know this goes against everything you think is sane and proper in the world. I mean how can I possibly tell you to make more money at something by doing less of it? Bear with me and it will all become clear. Scout’s honor.

But how can this be so? Well most people tend to fall into the same trap which is the thought process that “If I do ABC for a living, and I’d like to make more money, then I have to do more ABC”.

The problem is that this only works if you’re paid by the hour or per piece of production doing ABC. While this is true for employees working for other people, it is absolutely not true for people who have chosen to go into business for themselves. And if you are a professional blogger that is exactly what you have chosen to do. You are a small business.

So the odds are you’re a really good writer, you really enjoy writing, and you’re producing prolific copious piles of content. Meanwhile you’re wondering when you’re going to start making some of that money you keep reading that bloggers are supposed to make.

Well now its time for a little Blogging Business 101. You have the production of content department covered. But you aren’t developing the other aspects of your blogging business: Marketing, Sales, and Finance.

Marketing for a blogger can be taken to mean traffic generation. Sales can be monetization. And finance can be cash flow management.

It’s time for you to shift 1/2 of your time away from writing, and focus on some traffic generation and monetization. If you feel you are getting good trafffic but not making as much as you should, focus on monetization strategies. If you think your site would monetize well if only you could get more traffic then focus on traffic generation.

But for the next few weeks, spend only half your time producing content, and spend the other half on making the content you have pay you back for the time you invested in it.

See? It does make sense that if you want to make more money with your blogging business, then you should write less.

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