How to create your own profitable ClickBank banners for your blog

By: Guest Author

If you’ve done any affiliate marketing with ClickBank, I guarantee you are complete frustrated with the sellers.  They spend thousands of dollars creating and optimizing pinch pages, but usually have some crappy, ugly, boring banner that you would never, and I do mean NEVER, want to use on your blog.

Well here’s the secret… make your own banner by clipping it from their pinch page.  It only takes 5 minutes and your blog will have the hot banner link that nobody else has.

Step by step instructions:

1. Go to their pinch page, and scroll around until you find a rectangular region that would make a good banner graphic on your blog.

2. Use <ALT> + <Print Screen> to copy a screen image to your clipboard.

3. Paste it into an image editing program.  I use Photoshop because I happen to already have it, know how to use it, and because it does a great job of aliasing when resizing so I get smooth results that don’t look resized.  Howver, I would never pay for Photoshop for this simple task.  You can use whatever program you have.

4. Highlight the region you want to use, and CROP the image.  If you have a particular aspect ratio you are looking for (like square, or 3:2 or 2:1) you should crop to that aspect ratio.  This may take 2 minutes of trial and error with a calculator to get the crop area to the right shape.

5. Resize the image to the size you need for your blog.  When resizing you should make sure to resample (ie change the actual pixels, not just the dpi) because dpi is only for printing and online only pixels count.

6. Save the image as both a  .GIF and also as a .JPG quality 3  (of 10).

7. Upload the smaller (by file size, they are the same size in pixels) of the two to your blog as media.  Get the url of the media file you just uploaded.

8. Create a ClickBank hoplink for the vendor using your own ClickBank code.  It will look like this:

9. Add a TEXT widget to your sidebar (I’m assuming that if you roll your own templates that you probably stopped reading at step 2 since you get the idea and really don’t need this tutorial).  In the text widget, create an <a href=  link using your clickbank link and banner graphic.

<a href="http://" target="_top">
<img border=0

Tadaaa!   Now you have a hot banner for this product that nobody else has.  Go forth, monetize your blog, and prosper.

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