6 Rules for Guest Bloggers

By: Guest Author

Guest bloggers can be an excellent way for you to improve the quality of your blog.  They can bring a fresh point of view to an old subject and they can also bring expertise on new subjects and niches that are outside your core competence.

However, there are a few guidelines you should consider when working with guest bloggers.

Make sure they are familiar with your blog and your subject matter.  They should get a feel for what the blog is about, get to know the blog owners and other writers, see what their writing style is like, and read the blog posts and comments.  You want to make sure that any guest posts, while bringing different points of view and styles, are still withing the editorial guidelines you established for your blog.  (You do have established editorial guidelines, right?  Of course you do.)

You can save a lot of time looking for writers if you’re already networking with other bloggers in your niche. Often you already know several people who could write excellent guest posts because they are already in your network of friends and acquaintances.

If you don’t have a network of acquaintances that would make excellent guest bloggers, then chances are you are not using your social networks effectively.

When you pitch your proposal to a guest blogger, be sure to give some guidance as to what you are looking for.  A fresh point of view?  Specialized knowledge?  A fresh new style of writing?  Nobody wants to be used just to provide you with content, so make sure you have a compelling reason why you want this particular writer to contribute to your blog.

Simple details like how they can format the blog post and deliver it to you so you just copy and paste it to your blog will make a difference, especially if you don’t plan to give guest access to your blog. Convenience is critical when engaging others for collaboration.

Understand that you should reciprocate with a quality post.  This builds the community, enhances the relationship, and makes both blogs stronger.

Share the Joy
By working with several guest bloggers, you increase the exposure to your blog, and you also increase the range of opinions, experience, and writing styles that are contributing your blog.

Quality Quality Quality
Finally, make sure you get the quality you require.  Getting content for your blog does you no good if it’s below your standards for quality.    If you think that a writer has a lot to offer, but you may want to “polish” the posts, indicate that you are willing to work with a rough draft and edit it before posting.  If they don’t want you editing their work (writers tend to be funny like that), then make sure to create an expectation of at least one iteration of edits.

If you follow these simple guidelines you can not only get excellent guest posts, but also build a network of guest bloggers that can enhance the quality and relevance of your blog.

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