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Help! I’m out of Ideas! (Quick ways to get a brain blast)

Have you ever found yourself in front of your computer screen, clueless about what to post? Well you need a brain blast! Here’s some ways to get an instant burst of ideas

Ways to prevent “Skim And Run”

Just generating traffic is not always enough… you also have to get the best possible “skim to subscribe” conversion rate, so that today’s new visitor becomes tomorrow’s frequent visitor.

Dude! Get to the point! (How To Write Readable Posts)

You may have really hard hitting content but if your post isn’t readable it really reduces the appeal of your blog. Apart from the layout and theme of your blog, every post can be made more readable with just a few minor changes.

Tweeting makes you write better

If you’ve used twitter, you have already learned that writing something meaningful in 140 characters or less is much harder than it sounds. But once you’ve mastered the art of tweeting really compelling tweets (the kind that get retweeted) you’ve just helped yourself become a better blogger.

A Rich Lush Template? Or a No-Frills Blog?

Certain niches just beg for a lush graphics heavy theme with elaborate javascript and css effects. But a blog can easily be smothered by slow loading pages and excessively vibrant themes. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a frilly template and simple template.

Tips for writing more content

While you may be happy to post whenever-you-feel-like-it, posting quality content frequently is essential if you really want to be a successful blogger. Here are some tips that can get you to the publish button faster.

Hot Topics to blog about (when your mind goes blank)

Topics you can blog about when you mind goes blank. You can use one of these topics and get back on track.

Swearing’s Bad, Umkay?

Swearing isn’t appreciated by everyone. Every once a while, it might even cost you some followers. Let’s see why swearing on your blog is not hot.

Blogging 101 – The basic stuff you have to do

If you have a new blog you probably have posts but you don’t have many readers yet. These basics will help your blog connect with regular readers.

To make more money w/ your blog, WRITE LESS! (Part 2)

Do you write about xyz and end up listing out every minute detail of xyz and spend days authoring a muiltipage missive? STOP DOING THAT!